March 2020

During Summer, It is really hot in Australia. Your whole body can be totally wet if you stand outside for only one minute. So the question is that what we wear to make us feel not hot during Australia's summer. It should be a Camisole Top (Cami Top)!Cami Top Melbourne   A Cami Top has thin straps and loose body shape. When you wearing a Cami Top, normally the underwear will be partly hidden

G-string, V-string and Thong cause a lot of confusion in the lingerie market. Most of the women are unknown to their differences and use them interchangeably. You can even invite embarrassment by using the wrong term for an incorrect item. It is essential to know about lingerie patterns clearly so that you can choose a piece perfect for yourself. If you're not well aware of the exact definitions, you won't be able

In short, there is no difference between stay ups, hold ups, and thigh highs as they are all terms used in different regions to describe the same type of hosiery.   Hold Ups and Stay Ups Stockings Difference In Australia and Europe (including the United Kingdom), the preferred terms are stay ups and hold ups – and are sometimes used interchangeably.   Thigh Highs In the United States, Americans use the term thigh highs.   Therefore, we, at Melbourne Lingerie

If it were up to the men, your underwear drawer would be overflowing with lace, frills, and garter belts. In a pretty unsurprising survey, U.K. lingerie company Bluebella found that men prefer lingerie that's bright, fun, and barely there, while women prefer comfortable and practical picks, reports The Daily Mail.   Well, yeah, that makes sense. So it's no wonder that a whopping 84 percent of women say they have special sets of sex

  Do women only wear sexy lingerie for sex? There’s a common misconception (by men) that gorgeous lingerie is worn purely for their benefit or for sex – but this couldn’t be any further from the truth. While lingerie has been worn for hundreds of years as a way of seducing a man, this is no longer necessarily the case and most women choose and wear their lingerie for themselves. Don’t get me wrong

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